Tweens’ Night Out 

Tweens’ Night Out is an all-inclusive fun package that’s always a blast.


It’s 2 free hours for Mom & Dad to enjoy on a summer evening.  

Space is Limited, so don't miss out!

Call to reserve your space today:    516-255-5255

Tweens' Night Out, starring:  "Trendy Troll Plate" (Ages 8-12)

These trolls will make your Tweens the happiest kids in all the land.  The colors are completely customizable, and they're SUPER cute and fun to do!  
Date:         WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 16, 2017

Time:         7 pm – 9 pm

Includes:  9.75" Round Coupe Dinner Plate and guided instruction

Goodies:  Pizza, Drinks, Dessert, and Fun!  

Price:       $34.99 + tax

Call to reserve your space:  516-255-5255