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We get asked these questions on a regular basis, so we hope that you find these helpful!


Painting Pottery

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What are your store hours?

    Currently, ARTrageous is open 7 days a week, from 10am - 6pm, and until 8:30pm on Thursdays and Fridays. Stay tuned for any UPDATES to these hours.

How many seating times do you have available in a day?

    Currently, we have three seating times daily: 10:00am, 12:30pm, and 3:30pm (and 6pm on Thurs & Fri).  See Store Hours for more details.

If I'm running late, do I lose my reserved table?

    Don't fret, you won't lose your table. HOWEVER please note that your "seating" lasts for ONLY 2 hours. If your project is not complete (and your table is booked for the time slot that follows yours), no worries! We'll wrap up your piece for you to continue on another visit.

Can I reschedule my booking to another date if I cannot make it?

    Absolutely! Please CALL AND CANCEL if you can't make your reservation.  And we'll be happy to book another date for you.

Is there parking at ARTrageous?

    -- There is a metered parking lot right behind ARTrageous, and you can park there for 3 hours at a time.
    -- Metered street parking is also available for 80 minutes at a time.
    -- Parking is FREE from 4 pm on at the RVC train station lots (north of Sunrise Highway).   And parking is FREE in all lots and street meters from 6 pm on.
    -- On Sundays, parking in Rockville Centre is always FREE.
    -- Remember:  RVC parking attendants are very attentive.  Set your phone alarm so you don't overstay your meter.

Is there a restroom?

    Yes! And it's fully sanitized too.
    Is your space handicap accessible?
    Yes!  There are no stairs or obstacles to coming in the front door.  When you reserve your table, please let us know that you're visiting with a wheelchair, so we save a spot that's convenient table for you.

Can I eat in the studio?

    In general, there is no food in the main studio.

Can I drink in the studio?

    Water and soft drinks are normally allowed (please use care with them around the pottery).

What is your Loyalty Program? How do I join?

    ARTrageous has replaced our Green VIP Cards with a fancy new electronic Loyalty Program.  It's easy to join (sign up with your e-mail address).  And you will AUTOMATICALLY receive a credit to your ARTrageous account of 4% of your purchase.  When your Loyalty Balance reaches $5.00+, we will deduct it from your next purchase.  How cool is that!


Pottery Painting

What kind of pottery pieces do you offer? 

    We have many hundreds of pottery choices, appealing to new and experienced painters, kids and adults alike.  We carry loads of home-decor pieces, serving pieces, dishware, drinkware, seasonal items, kids pieces like banks, figures, and boxes, and sooooo much more.

How much does it cost to paint pottery?

    The cost to create at ARTrageous is just Pottery + Tax.  There are no sitting fees or materials fees.  Prices vary by the size of the pottery piece, and range from about $10-$68.  An average-sized piece is in the $28-$39 price range.

Is your pottery food safe?

    Yes, our fired pottery is usable and food safe, just like the dishes in your kitchen.

Is your pottery lead free?

    Yes, ARTrageous uses Certified Lead Free glazes that are manufactured in the U.S.A.

When can I pick up my pottery?

    It generally takes 2 weeks for your fired pottery to be ready for pick-up.  However, for a bona-fide emergency, we can try to rush it for you.   "Try", but not "guarantee".  Why?
    Sometimes, a pottery piece needs a second firing to perfect the glaze.  That's the case with about 1% of all pieces we fire.  A very small number.  However, if this is the case with your "rush" piece, we will need to keep it several days to a week longer, to repeat the firing process for you.

Will you call me when my pieces are ready?

    No, we DO NOT generally call when pottery pieces are ready for pick-up.  We WILL give you a "ready date" when you turn in your pottery for firing.  You can just come in and pick-up your piece on the ready date, no worries.
    However, if you want us to call you the moment your piece comes out of the kiln (in case it's ready early)  we can do that.  OR, if it's a busy time of year, and you want to make sure your piece is ready before you drive to RVC, call us and we'll double-check it for your assurance.

I lost my receipt.  Can you still locate my pottery?

    Yes!  We have a record of your purchase in our computerized system, and we'll look it up.  However, to save time, it's always best if you bring in your receipt.  Better yet, give us your e-mail, and we'll send you an electronic receipt.  No paper to keep track of... and faster service at the studio.

Do you have Call-Ahead, Touchless Pick-Up?

    Yes!  Call us an hour ahead, and we'll have your bag ready to grab-n-go at right inside our front door.

Can you paint a custom, personalized piece for me?

    Yes we can! If you have a specific vision, a special birthday surprise, a sweet anniversary present, or a loving sentimental piece you'd want us to create, our artists can happily paint it for you. Pick out your color scheme, show us your design, and let us know the deadline so we can better streamline the process and have it ready before that very special day.

Can you fire outside pieces in your kiln?

    No. There are many variations and types of pottery in the world, and each needs firing to a very specific temperature and length of time.  We can only guarantee the outcome of pottery that's purchased at ARTrageous and fired by us.  So, no outside pottery is fired in our kilns.  Ever.

How long will you hold my piece?

    We hold pieces for up to 6 months. After that, we donate them to customers who are happy to give forgotten pieces a good home.

Can I put my pottery in the dishwasher, oven, and microwave?

    No, we don't recommend this equipment for your delicate art.  Pottery can bang around in the dishwasher and chip.  Oven and microwave temperatures are so high, they can cause crazing on your pieces.  So, we always say:  Hand-Painted = Hand-Wash, and no oven or microwave.

Do you offer smocks/aprons?

    All glaze paint is washable. It won't stain/damage your skin or clothes. If paint get on your clothes, simply go to our sink and gently wipe it off with a damp towel.


Glass Fusing

Is there an age minimum?

    Children under the age of 12 will NOT be able to CUT glass by themselves. An adult would need to be present at all times. Remember: Glass is SHARP. As an alternative, we do offer the use safety glass, with parental guidance, when creating your design.

How much does it cost to fuse glass?

    Fused glass is priced according to the size of the piece, and range from about $28-$75.  Glass prices include a glass base, design bits, materials, instruction, and a first firing (called the "fuse firing").

How do I take care of my fired glass masterpiece?

    We recommend you care for it by hand:  hand wash with mild soap, and avoid using your piece in the oven or microwave.


Wine Glass Painting

How do I cure my piece?

Curing your piece is as easy as 1-2-3!

    1. Place your glassware on a cookie sheet inside a COLD OVEN, then turn the oven on to pre-heat to 325 degrees.
    2. When the oven reaches 325 degrees, set a timer for 30 minutes.
    3. When 30 minutes are up, turn off the oven and LEAVE THE OVEN CLOSED until it cools off completely (to prevent thermal shock).

... and voila, a finished and cured glassware piece.  For more information, CLICK HERE for Wine Glass Painting How-To's.

Is it safe to drink from my glass?

Yes; however, we recommend not to paint the top one inch of your glass, so your lips don't touch the paint when you drink out of it.


How much does it cost to do mosaics?

  • Mosaics are priced according to the size of the piece.  Projects range from $30-$75.  Mosaic prices include an MDF base, design bits, materials, instruction, and a take-home grouting kit with instructions.

Can you grout my piece for me?

    Of course! Our artsy crew can professionally finish your project.  Grouting costs range from $15 & up per project, based on the size of the piece.  Grouted pieces are ready for pick-up in 2 weeks, unless otherwise noted.

The grout is chipping what do I do?

    Worry not! A liquid grout sealer is all you need to better preserve your masterpiece and prevent any further damage.

How do I take care of my mosaic piece?

    Treasure your mosaic projects!  Do not use them to serve food or display them in a damp area.  Do not get mosaics wet.



How much does it cost to paint at a Canvas Event?

    Canvas prices are priced accordingly, and are usually in the $35-$45 range.

Is this a guided event?

    Yes!  An instructor will help guide the group,  step-by-step, so you can paint your masterpiece and have real time feedback.

Can I choose a design for my group to paint?/ What options are available to paint?

Do you offer smocks/aprons?

    Yes, we always offer plastic smocks during canvas events. However, please remember: Acrylic Paint STAINS, so dress for a mess!



How much does it cost to join a Clay Creations Event?

Create with Clay Event prices vary, depending on the size of the piece.  An average cost would be $45, and half the clay project cost ($22.50) when you return to paint your piece.

    The price includes: raw materials, the use of modeling and design tools, and demonstration/ instruction.

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