Scout Troops ARTventures

At ARTrageous, we PUT THE "ART" IN PARTY!

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Pottery Painting for Scouts

Experience the excitement of POTTERY PAINTING - Turn a piece of plain bisque into a unique ceramic creation!

Learn simple steps to ceramic success, and paint your own work of art. We'll glaze and fire your piece to a bright, shiny gloss... and you'll pick up a food-safe, one of a kind, "Wow! That was fun!" ceramic masterpiece.
Project Ideas:

  • Official Girl Scout Pottery (see photo)
  • Mug, dessert plate, cereal bowl
  • Tile trivet, mighty tots
  • Trinket box, banks, figurines
  • Collectible animals, 6" letters
  • Ornaments, coasters, magnets
Troop Group Glass

Glass Fusing for Scouts

Try our exciting Glass Fusing center! Combine colorful glass pieces to create kiln-fired, Murano-look art glass.

Fired glass can be shaped into glittering serving ware, ornaments, candle holders, sparkling jewelry, and more. The possibilities are endless, and the fun is addictive!

Project Ideas:

  • 6" square glass artwork with feet
  • 3" Ornament
  • 4" coaster, picture frame, pendant, ornament
  • 2" Glass magnet

(Slump your piece and shape it into a dish or candle holder for a small additional fee)

Create with Clay Animals

Clay Handbuilding for Scouts

Experience the textural feel and creative possibilities inherent in a lump of clay.

Troops can learn:

  • Slab rolling
  • Clay stamping
  • Pot coiling
  • Wedging
  • and more

Project Ideas:

  • Wind chime, bird house, dish, bowl, candle holder, vase
  • Pinch pot, coil pot, gingerbread pendant with necklace, trivet
  • Ornaments, magnets, coaster

Once the piece has been built, your troop will paint their masterpieces. We'll glaze and fire it to create an everlasting, hand-made earthenware treasure.

Scout Troop Details

Perfect for

  • Troop outings
  • Art badge fulfillment
  • Mother's & Father's Day gifts
  • Ornament parties
  • Christmas/Chanukah parties
  • Year-end parties

Troops can:

  • Tour our kiln room
  • Learn how pottery and glass are fired
  • Work toward an Art or Ceramic Badge


An ARTrageous Fun Patch for every participant!


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